Design your Custom Luxury Dream Home

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You can trust Gladebrook Homes to bring your dream home to life. We will expertly guide you from your dreambook of inspiration all the way to the finer details.

Our expert team is ready to help you brainstorm, as well as provide you with technical advice such as energy-saving ideas and the best materials on the market.

We are currently not accepting any new projects.
1. The Consultation

Everything starts with the important first consultation. This is when we discuss what is important to you for your new dream home. We cover it all: size & layout, building materials, special specifications - we want to ensure we fully understand your needs.  At this time we can also review the property to see where we can make recommendations, or help you locate a property if you don't already have one secured.

2. The Plan & Budget

This is where we drill down to ensure all the details are covered. It's very important for us to work within the budget you have allocated for your project so that there are no surprises down the road. Our goal is to provide you with exactly the home you've always wanted, with the resources to fulfill that goal.

3. The Concept

Now the creative juices can flow! Based on the information you have provided to us, we'll create a visual design for your new dream home. This will include all the nitty gritty details such as measurements and structural details.

4. The Construction

There is nothing more exciting than the first day of construction where all the planning starts coming to life. From approved layouts & plans to the materials, you can see your dream home taking shape. And you'll rest easy knowing that every detail is being taken care of so that your biggest job will be preparing to move in.